SEVEN Solar Solutions

About us

We are specialized in supplying and distributing a wide range of renewable and solar energy equipment and products. When you choose SEVEN as your supplier and installer, you can rest assured that the work and the equipment supplied will be of the best quality, and that we are investing in your customer relationship for the long term.

SEVEN provides best material and service for on-grid, off-grid, ground and rooftop solar PV projects.

Reliability is essential to us. Our company insists on supplying only proven material manufactured by listed companies.

As part of our commitment to excellence and fulfilling the requirements, SEVEN provides max. manufacturer guarantee for the supplied material.

Solar energy is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available to help power your home, business or community building.

You may send your RFQs for the following items.

  • 3S Mounting Structure
  • 3S Solar Street Lighting Poles
  • DEHUI Solar modules
  • SOLAX inverters
  • Container type package PV plants
  • HIS Hikra DC cables
  • Cable Harnesses, Fuselinks
  • HIS DC Boxes (with or without string level monitoring option)
  • Aluminum clamps for PV modules
  • Raycap (Iskra) surge protection components
  • Earthing & lightning components for solar plants
  • Irradiation sensors, pyranometers, temperature sensors, wind speed-direction sensors
  • On-grid, off-grid solar rooftop package solutions
  • Energy efficiency solar and lighting modifications on existing distribution
  • Ramming machines for mounting structure piles