SCADA, Meteostations / Monitoring

Once a solar system is installed, the monitoring and display equipment are typically the only thing a customer will see. SEVEN stock a wide range of s... Read more
DC/AC Cables and Connectors

Solar DC cables are available with following features: The cable is particularly water repellent and can be laid directly underground. UL2566 (interna... Read more
Mounting Structure

SEVEN Solar Solutions (3S) designs and manufactures solar fixed and single axis tracking ground mounted, carport, rooftop and floating mounting system... Read more
Solar Inverters

The inverter converts solar power into useable household electricity, which is the most common type used by everyday appliances and lighting. Providin... Read more
Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Solar modules, or solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunli... Read more
Grounding & Lightning Solutions

Grounding & Lightening Protection is the most important part of any electrical system. Solar power systems are designed to be in service for perio... Read more
DC Combiner Boxes

SEVEN Solar can deliver on a wide spectrum of standard or string monitoring DC Combiner Boxes and utilizes products from well-known manufacturers. Con... Read more
AC Panels

SEVEN Solar offers AC Combiner Panels as per customer single line diagrams and customer-specific solutions. Installation in open air, in shade (protec... Read more
Transformer Stations for Solar Plants

SEVEN is supplier of transformer and delivery stations, manufactured from galvanised and painted sheet cut to size for various applications. Compact s... Read more